The Journey Begins

Commercial Property Specialists
Movie Theatre Specialists since 1980
Dedicated Theatre Broker

Commercial Property Specialists (CPS) is owned by David E. Postle, who has been involved in the commercial real estate (CRE) community since 1980. Mr. Postle is co-founder of the Movie Dinner Theatre concept. He has been both Owner / Operator and head of Development for various movie theatre concepts and companies. Mr. Postle has also served as Owner, Principal, and Development officer in various restaurant concepts including Cinema Grill, Wendy’s and Panera Bread.
Mr. Postle’s expertise has uniquely positioned him to serve as a dedicated movie theater broker. The sole purpose of his company, Commercial Property Specialists (CPS), is to serve property owners, brokers, movie theater owners (traditional and dine in theaters), investors, and lenders in the acquisition, sale, and/or leasing of existing theaters, existing retail, and new construction. Fashioning an optimal fit between all parties involved is Mr. Postle’s expertise. This is accomplished through the CPS System, which utilizes proprietary information in a confidential manner to craft the right Fit for both Developer and Tenant. Working with Mr. Postle, a dedicated movie theater broker, and the CPS System enables you to create the alliances and partnerships that can results in the success you envision for your movie theater venture.